Above, Beneath, Beyond the Surface (2008)

               Above, Beneath, Beyond the Surface.

                    (Watercolor and Pen & Ink)

           WellSpring Centre, Ashburton Baptist Church, 2008.


      Stuck in the Mud, 2008, Pen and ink on paper.


                     High Street Road Bridge, 2008, 

                  Watercolour, Pen and ink on paper.

My Inspiration for this series of work has been taken from time spent walking, running and riding along Gardiners Creek. The watercolors depict the beauty of the area along the creek, we are fortunate to have such beauty so close at hand in our urban setting.

The pen and ink pictures however, reflect the junk and garbage that is scattered along the creek’s banks. The rubbish entangles and entwines itself amongst the reeds and branches, especially after a storm. It is a reminder to us to take care for our environment.

On a deeper level the pictures represent the pain and junk of life that coexists in the scenes of beauty and quiet of the creek. Often we are too busy to look for the beauty that exists in the murky undergrowth. If we stand quietly enough we will see it.

On a personal level the completion of these works has been a journey and an opportunity to reflect on my own life. It has been a departure from the need to create to art to reflect God’s creation. It has been a chance to explore more intensely personal feelings and to leave them on the paper and move forward with them. The creation of the works has given a voice to thoughts and ideas I could find no words for. Despite pain there is always hope and an opportunity to move forward as God journeys with me.