Mobile Studio


Working outdoors, “en plein air”, has its challenges, especially the wind. Mariners Lookout, Apollo Bay, was a wonderful place to create some paintings from last summer. I used ground sumi ink and coloured ink on rice paper.

Apollo BayThe Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, 2014, ink on rice paper

IMG_1003     IMG_1008      View from Mariners Lookout, 2014, ink on rice paper


Working on site from the mobile studio. When the weather is suitable, the table, large boards, inks and brushes come out. I have created two types of work this year. Ink on large pieces of shoji rice paper and long panoramas on unryu rice paper.


Half Moon Bay, Ink on shoji rice paper.


Half Moon Bay Panorama, on unryu banner rice paper.


This a another type of 雲竜紙 ’unryushi’ paper, literally, cloudy dragon paper. It is very fragile when it is wet.